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We are a World famous Landscape Company (established in 1642) and for the last 30 years, our celebrated Designers have specialised in the design and construction of School and College magnificent Outside areas (

We are pleased to announce that our celebrated Contractors are now able to induce a stunning range of Outdoor Gym equipment into our inimitable designs, where we are renowned for our unique schemes of “Greening Up” large open empty spaces and for our resourceful methods of blending the new Borough of Southwark Exercise zone, in with the surrounding scenery.


What makes us different

  • State-of-the-Art, robust, heavy duty steel equipment, powder coated in a very palatable Green

  • Guaranteed for 25 years, suitable for pupils and students of all ages and which is available in a Plethora of enticing cost-effective packages

  • Glorious semi-mature specimen trees which are chosen by our knowledgeable Landscapers for their above average rates of Photosynthesis which result in very high levels of much needed Oxygen

  • Impressive evergreen flowering shrubs which also produce large quantities of Oxygen to combat Urban Air Pollution

  • Luxurious evergreen hedging, for beauty, for wind-breaks and also to assist in providing purer air

  • Stunning elevated Polycarbonate, wide and long, rooves, which cover all the apparatus, thus allowing All-Year usage, in whatever the weather

  • Imaginative fencing, useful for many purposes including privacy and the screening of unpleasant views

  • Appealing All-Weather impact ground surfaces

  • Areas for sitting, relaxing, chatting, viewing and socialising, are provided by our Master Craftsmen

  • Solid wooden bench seats, inviting timber Shelters, beautiful traditional seating Arbours and Gazebos

  • Exquisite Octagonal open-sided Pavilions with internal seats

  • Functional raised timber deckings

  • Breathtaking Brick-built large Barbeques and knockout Stone Pizza Ovens (extremely popular with energetic students).


We are renowned for our creative and innovative solutions for outdoor spaces. We have a team of highly skilled builders and master craftsman waiting for your call! We have a fantastic range of outdoor fitness equipment for your Southwark installation designed uniquely for children, older people, disabled persons, special educational needs.


We provide fully inclusive outdoor gyms that everybody can use. Our huge range of Southwark outdoor fitness equipment offers a variety of physical benefits, from cardio and muscular strength building to flexibility and toning. All of our outdoor exercise equipment is made to the highest safety standards, durable, easy to use and affordable with a long warranty for extra peace of mind.


If you are a School, College or University in the Borough of Southwark and you feel your alumni would benefit from a green and natural looking Outdoor Fitness area, please contact us to arrange a free consultation.

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Reasonably priced, cost effective, outdoor gym equipment solutions suitable for schools and business throughout Southwark - Make tjhe dream a reality and call us today for a free, no obligation quote

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Value Added

A range of mouth watering features to add value and beauty to your Southwark outdoor gym installation - barbeques, exotic trees and shrubs, hand crafted seating, shelters and much more!

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Our Clients

Schools, Colleges, Universities, Leisure Centres and Hotels, Care Homes, Housing Associations, Councils, Landscape Architects and Corporate Businesses and sometimes. the occasional celeb!


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We have been in business for quite some time. Now under the wise leadership of Robert Fairley MD, the group of companies are going from strength to strength

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