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Here at Schools Natural Outdoor Gyms Ltd., we are based on West London and thus perfectly located to supply our Wow-Factor Outdoor Fitness Schools, Colleges and Universities in the Borough of Ealing.


As a family business, established in 1642, we have developed over the years into the UK’s leading Supplier of Natural Outdoor Spaces for the Education sector and our well-known Builders have often constructed our breathtaking facilities, in many of the Ealing Borough areas.


Our highly popular team of Master Craftsmen have won many Gold and Silver Awards for our sensational projects and even travelled recently to Hong Kong to construct a striking children’s Activity area (


So, well you may ask as to what is the secret of our everlasting, unmitigated success?


The answer is our unique Talent for designing and installing the most beautiful Natural Outdoor Exercise areas imaginable.


Our philosophy is and always has been, to blend our resplendent Activity zones into the local surroundings and nearby scenery by our masterly planting of Specimen trees and nature shrubs according to our Encyclopaedic Plant knowledge.


Many Schools, Colleges and Universities in the Borough of Ealing, have large empty quadrangles and boring asphalt areas, which are surrounded by buildings and possess no Natural Greenery.

Many also are in close proximity to heavy traffic areas which means a high level of Air Pollution.


Our solution is that our renowned Installers combat the Air-Pollution by the planting of superb semi-mature trees which produce larger than normal quantities of much needed Oxygen through their high levels of Photosynthesis.


Our experienced Landscapers also plant beautiful semi-mature flowering evergreen shrubs as another means of increasing the Air Quality.



All our impressive Fitness Equipment is manufactured from Heavy Duty steel, powder-coated in a very eye-pleasing Woodland Green is practically indestructible and is Guaranteed for 25 years.

We have a plethora of brilliant Cost-Effective packages which suit all ages of children, scholars and students.


What makes us different

  • All-Weather Impact absorbing surfaces including majestic cultivated turf and lush Artificial Grass

  • Thrilling timber Shelters with Seating and Cedar Shingle rooves

  • Functional solid wood low bench seats

  • Outstanding Old-Fashioned timber Arbours with internal seats

  • Magnificent Bandstand style open-sided seating Pavilions

  • Delightful verandahs and elegant raised Timber Deckings constructed by our Knowledgeable Master Carpenters

  • Spectacular evergreen hedges (great for adding privacy or to act as wind-breaks)

  • Knockout fencing which is always useful as screening to hide ugly views

  • Electrifying free-standing Polycarbonate rooves, which cover all the Exercise Installations and thus allow 365 day usage of the area

  • Phenomenal brick-built Barbeques and striking Stone Pizza ovens (these assist enormously to create new friendships and to break down social barriers)


We are renowned for our creative and innovative solutions for outdoor spaces. We have a team of highly skilled builders and master craftsman waiting for your call! We have a fantastic range of outdoor fitness equipment for your Ealing installation designed uniquely for children, older people, disabled persons, special educational needs.


We provide fully inclusive outdoor gyms that everybody can use. Our huge range of Ealing outdoor fitness equipment offers a variety of physical benefits, from cardio and muscular strength building to flexibility and toning. All of our outdoor exercise equipment is made to the highest safety standards, durable, easy to use and affordable with a long warranty for extra peace of mind.


If you are in the Borough of Ealing and are seeking an awe-inspiring Green and Natural Fitness area, we at Schools Natural Outdoor Gyms Ltd. are here with the solution.

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Reasonably priced, cost effective, outdoor gym equipment solutions suitable for schools and business throughout Ealing - Make tjhe dream a reality and call us today for a free, no obligation quote

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A range of mouth watering features to add value and beauty to your Ealing outdoor gym installation - barbeques, exotic trees and shrubs, hand crafted seating, shelters and much more!

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Schools, Colleges, Universities, Leisure Centres and Hotels, Care Homes, Housing Associations, Councils, Landscape Architects and Corporate Businesses and sometimes. the occasional celeb!


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We have been in business for quite some time. Now under the wise leadership of Robert Fairley MD, the group of companies are going from strength to strength

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