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Here at Schools Natural Outdoor Gyms Ltd., we are justifiably proud of our unblemished reputation for our unique style of “Greening Up” Schools, Colleges and Universities in the Borough of Barnet


During the long Covid19 lockdown and the ensuing months, many children and students have put on extra weight, which as we know, seriously affects any person’s ability to study and to perform at their best level.


Many young people would like desperately to lose weight and become fit but are too self-conscious to enter the rather claustrophobic atmosphere of an Indoor Gymnasium.


We have the perfect solution whereby our ever-popular Contractors construct spectacular Outdoor Exercise areas which are exciting, enticing and appealing whilst allowing participants to remain unnoticeable and inconspicuous.


Our secret is that our resourceful Builders create a sort of “Green Fitness Utopia”, where all the equipment is cunningly blended into a surrounding of impressive high yield Oxygen producing mature Specimen Trees and spectacular mature evergreen flowering shrubs.


Our inventive Master Carpenters add to this gorgeous medley of Greenery, with many different sized stunning timber planters containing a dazzling display of All-Year interest Sensory plants.


Our remarkable Exercise equipment is skilfully manufactured by our professional Suppliers, from heavy duty steel and then powder coated with a very amenable Woodland Green shade; the whole is virtually indestructible and carries a 25 year Guarantee.


All our sensational Appliances are available in different sizes and thus are perfect for children and students of all ages, who may set their own workout pace, on our Mono or Duo items.


What makes us different

  • All-weather impact absorbing surfaces, such as resplendent Cultivated Turf, lush Artificial Grass and delightful Woodland bark chips

  • Majestic evergreen hedges, many with different flowering seasons

  • Creative solid low bench seats

  • First Class fencing of varying elegant styles and sizes

  • Impressive seating possibilities of Traditional Arbours, phenomenal timber Shelters with cedar shingle rooves and knockout open-sided octagonal Pavilions

  • Awesome Elevated Polycarbonate rooves, which not only cover the bewitching Fitness area but which can also be extended to link with a main building, thus permitting 365 day usage of the Facilities

  • Electrifying large Brick built Barbeques and incredible Stone Pizza ovens; either or both of these fantastic items, always add a real social atmosphere to our delightful Outdoor Gyms


We are renowned for our creative and innovative solutions for outdoor spaces. We have a team of highly skilled builders and master craftsman waiting for your call! We have a fantastic range of outdoor fitness equipment for your Barnet installation designed uniquely for children, older people, disabled persons, special educational needs.


We provide fully inclusive outdoor gyms that everybody can use. Our huge range of Barnet outdoor fitness equipment offers a variety of physical benefits, from cardio and muscular strength building to flexibility and toning. All of our outdoor exercise equipment is made to the highest safety standards, durable, easy to use and affordable with a long warranty for extra peace of mind.


We have installed hundreds of outdoor gyms, play areas and trim trails across Barnet and the UK into parks, schools, hospitals, hotels, councils, and prisons you can be confident that we'll provide a solution that's tailored exactly for your needs.


If you really want your Borough of Barnet pupils and students to be fit, healthy and enjoying their scholastic years, please do not hesitate to email us for a free consultation.

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Reasonably priced, cost effective, outdoor gym equipment solutions suitable for schools and business throughout Barnet - Make tjhe dream a reality and call us today for a free, no obligation quote

Gym Equipment

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Value Added

A range of mouth watering features to add value and beauty to your Barnet outdoor gym installation - barbeques, exotic trees and shrubs, hand crafted seating, shelters and much more!

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Schools, Colleges, Universities, Leisure Centres and Hotels, Care Homes, Housing Associations, Councils, Landscape Architects and Corporate Businesses and sometimes. the occasional celeb!


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We have been in business for quite some time. Now under the wise leadership of Robert Fairley MD, the group of companies are going from strength to strength

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