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Artificial Grass

Outdoor Gyms


This is currently the main surface area chosen by our clients


This style of surface allows for exercise all year round, whatever the weather conditions The soft green appearance of this surfacing blends with the theme of a Natural Activity area


For more information on this surfacing option, contact one of our highly trained technical sales advisers by completing the contact form.


  • Minimum Maintenance
  • All Year Usage
  • Attactive Appearance
  • Quick to Install

Rubber Safety Tiles

Outdoor GymsT


These Tiles are available in different thicknesses, according to the Critical Fall Height of the Gym Equipment to be used


  • They are simple and fast to lay
  • They are best laid on existing Asphalt or Concrete areas (but these areas must be in good condition, without any damaged parts or “pondings”)
  • These Tiles are available in black or green which allows them to blend better into a more natural surrounding ( with the addition for example, of timber planters) and a variety of lush all year interest plantings
  • Economically prices
  • These tiles are very long lasting with a Warranty of 15 years

Bonded Rubber Mulch

Outdoor GymsT


This is a relatively new style of surfacing; it is low priced and easy to install on most existing surfaces.


The compacted Rubber Mulch provides an excellent safe and absorbent surface for all Outdoor Gym work


  • Long lasting
  • Made from 90% recycled rubber
  • Quick to install
  • Low priced
  • Attractive natural appearance

Grass matting

Outdoor Gyms


This style of surfacing has been popular for over 30 years. It may be laid on open soil and then seeded or it may be laid on existing grass areas.


Gradually, the natural grass grows throughout the holes in the Rubber Mats and forms a very pleasing lawn appearance, around the Gym equipment.


  • Very long lasting
  • Easy to install
  • All weather usage
  • Slip and fall tested to BSEN:1177:2008
  • Low Maintenance - only mowing
  • Different thicknesses available, according to the Critical Fall Height


Trim Trails for Schools


This is one of the simplest of all surfaces for the installation of Outdoor Gym equipment.


It is however advisable to cover the surface with Grass Rubber Mats as the grass is soon worn away, underneath al the Gym items.


Most Outdoor Gym equipment does require an approved Soft Fall surface; only a few of the lower items are suitable to have no Soft fall surface underneath.


  • Mimimum Installation
  • All-weather usage
  • Low maintenance


Trim Trails for Schools


This is an ever popular type of Outdoor Gym surfacing. According to the Critical Fall Height of the Outdoor Gymnasium equipment, this surfacing may be laid at any thickness, to provide the Soft Fall requirements

- It is easy to lay

- It is tested to BSEN 1177

- It requires minimum maintenance

- It is available in a myriad of colours although our preference is green (as this assists us with the landscaping landscape each Outdoor Gymnasium)

- It has a porous surface making it usable for all-year usage


  • Easy to lay
  • Tested to BSEN 1177
  • Minimum maintenance
  • A myriad of colours are available
  • All year usage



Check List
  • Critical fall height of each item
  • Suitability for existing ground surfaces
  • Funds available
  • Facility of installation
  • Ease of site across for installation
  • Ground drainage
  • Longevity of the chosen surface
  • Ease of visually blending the chosen surface into the surrounding area
  • Age group usage
  • Distancing of each piece of Outdoor Gym equipment
An amazing transformation in such a short time. Your Planting scheme is superb. The children have watched in amazement as your team constructed this project. Your Team is quite unique in their methods of constructing everything by the use of hand tools. The carpentry skills of your team are incredible. It was a pleasure to have your team here.

School Head, Winns School, Walthamstow