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Architects, Planners and Designers regularly forget to include Seating in Outdoor Exercise areas.

Seating is important for so many reasons, including the following:


  • Friends and relatives may sit comfortably and watch.
  • Seats may also be used as positions to put sports bags, clothing and drinks
  • When a person is doing vigorous exercise on Outdoor Gym Equipment, it often assists in a workout to sit and relax periodically.
  • At the end of a workout, it is very beneficial for a person to be able to sit comfortably and relax for up to 10 minutes.


Seating depends on the surface surrounding our Outdoor Fitness equipment.

If the surface is a hard surface, stone bench seats or iron bench seats are often best as these can be easily bolted into the ground. However, as we always aim to soften each of our Outdoor Exercise areas with as many Plantings and Natural items as possible, we normally use timber for our Seating positions.

If we are constructing raised Timber Planters, around the Perimeter of the Activity area, we would normally attach long bench seats to the sides of the Planters. Otherwise, we normally construct bench seats, from newly cut Railway Sleepers. We then set these in Ground in Rapid Setting Cement, at whatever height is needed, according to the ages of the intended users of the Outdoor Exercise Area.

There are of course, many “off the peg” steel Bench seats available; however, as a Company we prefer to make our own Timber seats which can be any length required.


Undercover Seating

An added incentive, to attract persons to participate in our School Outdoor Gymnasiums, is when we construct Shelters over the bench seats.

Polycarbonate rooves of varying lengths, widths and heights are easily and quickly installed; these may be constructed after or before the installation of the bench seats. We have many styles of Timber Shelters.

Sometimes these are totally Open-sided, with simply a Pent roof. Often, we add timber sides and a rear timber wall; this gives added protection from Prevailing Winds and Inclement weathers. Dependent on the Funds available we often construct one of our popular Traditional Octagonal Pavilions (with Cedar Shingle rooves).

These would have a balustrading and low bench seats on 7 sides. Another of our popular Pavilions is our square style with a Pyramid Roof (and Cedar Shingles). Seating may be along the sides or even at timber tables set inside. All our Timber Shelters and Pavilions may be in any style or size.

Obviously, for those seeking a more Natural School Outdoor Gym, our Timber Shelters are aesthetically more pleasing than our Polycarbonate ones.




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