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Shelters to extend the use of OUTDOOR GYM EQUIPMENT


Outdoor Fitness Equipment

we organise All Weather Roof Covers and Shelters for our School Outdoor Exercise Equipment.

These robust rooves, are an excellent idea as they permit All-Year usage, in all weathers, for our School Outdoor Gym equipment. There are 2 main types of attractive roofing which we supply for Schools, Colleges and Universities. We are able to construct our Classic styles of Timber Rooves or our more open styles of Polycarbonate Rooves.


Since 1642, we have designed and constructed almost every conceivable style, shape and size of Timber Rooves.

The most suitable Timber Rooves which we construct for our School Outdoor Fitness areas, are either with a classic Pyramid style, a Pent style, a Hip style, an Octagonal style or a simple Apex style.
The roof style and size would be dependent on the number of items of School Exercise Equipment, being installed.

It is possible to erect a Roof over each individual item, if they are separated over a large area; this would however be an expensive option. If an All-Year, All-Weather roof is required, it is often more prudent to group the School Fitness Equipment into one or two straight lines. It is then simple to erect one long and wide Timber Roof covering.

There are also various coverings we supply for our Timber Rooves, which vary considerably in price. For example, the lowest cost would be for a covering of Roofing Felt; another similar option is for Roofing Felt Shingle Tiles. A more expensive option would be for our Timber Feather Edge Roof coverings. However, of course, the most stunning, most traditional and the longest lasting are our Cedar Shingle Roof Coverings.


Our most versatile rooves without any doubt, are our ever popular Polycarbonate ones.

Our Team erects these to whatever height required and they can be any length up to 800 metres. The maximum width for each individual structure is 7.50 metres; we are obviously able to increase the width sideways as often as we wish (with rain gutters on each edge). In order to permit All Weather usage of our Outdoor Gym equipment, we would design a Polycarbonate covered Walkway, from the School (College, University) building, directly to the Outdoor Fitness area.

That Walkway Roof would then be linked to the roof (rooves) of the School Outdoor Gym area, thus permitting Exercising and Training, All-Year in All-Weather. We are able to design our Polycarbonate rooves in a wide range of sizes, shapes and even colours. As our main criteria is to soften the appearance of our Polycarbonate Structures, as greatly as possible, we normally use a Woodland Green powder-coat finish, for all the framework.

This helps us to blend the whole new School Outdoor Gym area, into the local surroundings (normally with the addition of our semi-mature evergreen Trees, Shrubs, Palm trees, Sensory Plants and Wildflowers). All our aluminium Framework is extremely solid and varies in thickness according to the height of each structure. On all our Free Standing structures, we use prefabricated full panels which we interlink across the roof span.

Our glazing bars and Interlink panels have all been tested to non-fragile status. All our framework is completely Polyester Powder coated. For our Polycarbonate panels, we have various options in thickness, according to the height of the structure, the roof span and the situation. We have 3 types of UV protected Polycarbonate roof panels:

  • Clear panels: these may be used in any situation, particularly in a shady area (as they fully let in light)

  • Opal Panels: these have a slightly milky white appearance and are excellent to filter the sun’s strong rays

  • Bronze Panels: these have a slight brownish/golden tint and again, are excellent for filtering the sun’s strong rays


One final overhead structure, which although very attractive, does not provide shelter on a rainy day, is a Timber Pergola. For the last few hundred years, we have been constructing Timber Pergolas of every width and length imaginable. These are stunningly beautiful as we cover them with all types of evergreen scented flowers as well as climbing fruit such as Grapes, Passion fruit, Kiwis and Figs.




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