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As a Landscape Company, established since 1642, our Primary aim has always been to create beautiful Outdoor Spaces.

As the UK’s leading Contractor for Schools, Colleges and Universities, we have always used interesting Plantings, to soften our School Outdoor Exercise, Play and Learning constructions.



Based on our huge Horticultural knowledge, we use many types of both evergreen and deciduous trees, for the following purposes:


  • To lower Air Pollution (from nearby or adjacent urban areas) and thus create a healthy Oxygen level, for the Outdoor Activity area.
  • To camouflage and to screen the Outdoor Exercise Area
  • To hide nearby buildings
  • To hide an ugly view
  • To hide a nearby road
  • To hide a nearby canal
  • To hide a nearby railway line
  • To hide a nearby factory
  • To hide a nearby car park
  • To hide a nearby Sports centre
  • To hide a nearby Shopping centre
  • To provide privacy for the users of the Outdoor Multigym
  • To act as wind breaks from prevailing winds
  • To provide shade if the School Outdoor Gym is in an exposed, sunny location
  • To prevent soil erosion
  • To deaden unwanted noises from nearby roads, railways, etc.)



As with trees, we have a huge selection of Shrubs which we use in all our School Outdoor Gym projects.

Generally speaking, we use Shrubs for the same purposes as we use Trees (to counter Urban pollution, to purify the air, to cut down Urban noise, to create privacy and screening, to provide shelter from the changeable weather and, of course, to create a more beautiful and desirable School Outdoor Gymnasium zone). In order to create an All-Year Green-Feeling in our Outdoor Exercise areas, we normally use large-leaved evergreen shrubs, which also produce attractive flowers (often scented), at different times of the year.



All-Year Interest Sensory Plants, add considerably to the ambience, the air quality, the appearance and the whole atmosphere of our School Outdoor Exercise Areas.



If requested, we scatter quantities of Wildflower seeds around the perimeters of our School Outdoor Gym areas (if they are on open ground but not obviously if they are surrounded by Asphalt).
Wildflowers grow rapidly and reappear each Spring and increase the “wellbeing” feeling for all participants in our School Outdoor Gyms.


Natural Planting in the Ground

If the School Outdoor Gymnasium is to be sited on a soft surface (grass or soil), we would always do “in ground” planting.
This means, quite simply, that we dig holes and do the planting, with organic matter and suitable soils.


  1. Natural Planting in Containers

If the School Outdoor Exercise area is to be constructed on an existing hard surface, such as Asphalt, Concrete or Pavings, we would create a series of different sized robust Timber Planters.
These Timber Planters can be any width, height or length as required.

We cover the interior sides with a strong D.P.M. (Damp Proof Membrane) and lay 3 inches of 20 mm shingle over the base; appropriate composts and soils are then added. It is of course possible to construct the Planters from any material as required. We have often created Planters from Reclaimed Bricks, Rocks, Logs and even old Dug Out Canoes.




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