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Our School Outdoor Activity areas may be left completely open, partially enclosed (by trees and shrubs) or totally enclosed.

If we are requested to enclose the School Outdoor Exercise area, we look carefully at all the surroundings. Our primary aim, in all our School Projects, has always been to soften and to blend all our structures into the surrounding area.

Too often, one sees a Children’s Playground or more recently, an Outdoor Gymnasium area, which has been hurriedly installed without any camouflage or any attempt to soften its appearance.
Apart from looking at the local surroundings, an important factor in our choice of fencing (or enclosure) is the ground surfacing.

In the ideal world, we would always plant an evergreen shrub border around our School Outdoor Gyms. If this is not possible, we would aim at installing a robust Timber fence.

There are many types of Timber fencing available; some are supplied as ready made panels (eg., Picket fences) whereas others (eg., Post and Rail) are constructed on site by our Team. An enclosure of some description is always recommended, for our School Outdoor Gymnasiums.

Apart from the many visual benefits, it increases the feeling of an Outdoor Activity Group or Club for like minded persons. Thus, it helps people to be interactive and to socialise and develop new friendships.




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