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Children’s and young people’s health is nowadays of prime importance as schools all over the UK are being urged to combat obesity and to encourage fitness linked with Good Health.

Since 1642, we have been designing and constructing Play and Exercise areas for children of all ages.Over the years, we have developed and have updated our Designs and Construction methods of children’s fitness equipment, according to the times in which we live.

Children nowadays need more encouragement than ever before, to participate in healthy body exercise.Our KS1 and KS2 Outdoor Gym Equipment is suitable for children up to 4 feet 7 inches (140 cm) in height.

For KS3 and KS4 we supply and install our exciting range of Adult Outdoor Equipment which is suitable for children, pupils and students over 4 feet 7 inches (140 cm) in height.

All the equipment we install has been thoroughly tested and approved in safety requirements in terms of operation and movement to BSEN 16630:2015.

In all our School Projects, we have always aimed at promoting inter-active and inter-racial activities. Our Outdoor Fitness Designs are perfect for bringing pupils together for play, for activities and for fitness, whilst building up friendships.

The careful positioning in our Designs of the various Fitness items, automatically brings the pupils together whilst exercising with each other.

Our “dual user” Activity items, are particularly helpful in this building up of friendships.

A special feature of our “dual user” equipment is that both sides have independent moving parts; thus, each pupil can set his/her own preferred speed, whilst still working out with a friend.

We also organise single usage Fitness items for pupils who wish to exercise by themselves. Group activities, such as P.E. classes are great fun in our Outdoor Gyms, when 2 teams can race against each other, to complete a set circuit.

We believe that Exercise and Fitness for children and students of all ages, should be fun; thus, they will look forward to their Outdoor sessions and will benefit from them in so many ways.

In order to further increase All-Year usage of our many Outdoor Fitness items, we always recommend the addition of our All-Year Gym Roof covers.

It must be remembered that we are primarily a Landscape Company and as such, our main function has always been to beautify our surroundings with carefully chosen selection of plantings.

In recent years, in all School and University outdoor projects, we have always sought to soften our constructions and hard landscapings, in such a fashion, as to create a green and beautiful Outdoor Living, Playing and Exercising area.

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