Outdoor Fitness Equipment


There are many advantages to our Outdoor Gyms:

  • Apart from the initial costs of construction, all adults over 4 feet 7 inches (140 m) tall, may use our Outdoor Equipment, without any payments whatsoever
  • The air quality in the areas of our Outdoor Gyms is always better than in an Indoor Gym
  • Generally speaking, we locate our Outdoor Gyms in an existing Green Space or in an area surrounded by trees
  • If there are no trees or shrubs in the chosen area, or only a few trees and shrubs, we will add trees and shrubs to further enhance the air quality
  • Our Outdoor Gym equipment is suitable for all adults, whether young, middle aged or elderly
  • Overweight persons, who wish to lose weight, feel less intimidated and less noticeable in an Outdoor Gym, surrounded by open space, than in an Indoor Gym where they feel far more visible to others
  • On all our Outdoor Equipment, adults can choose between cardio or a variety of strength exercises
  • Adults have full control over their workouts as our Outdoor Equipment has no in-built resistance
  • Our Outdoor Gym areas are not only ideal for persons who wish to do their own private workouts but also for those who wish to workout in pairs
  • Socialising is another benefit of our Outdoor Gyms; people are always friendly and more inclined to chat and work out together, than in Indoor Gyms
  • Finally, of course, possibly the most important advantage to using our Outdoor Gyms, is the amazing personal feeling of “well being” which is attained from doing one’s workout, in the fresh air, out of doors, surrounded by natural scenery.


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