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Our Team of Master Designers at Schools Natural Outdoor Gyms Ltd., has been planning and designing sensational Children’s and Adult’s Outdoor Fitness Items for many years in London and surrounding areas; these include Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Middlesex, Oxfordshire and Surrey.


Our aim has always been to add to the beauty of the London areas and not to detract from them.


One sees, only too often, where an Outdoor Gym has suddenly been “plonked” in an open space, without any thought or planning. All the projects, handled over the years by our expert team of master craftsmen, have always been aimed at bringing beauty into the designated space, as well as the required Outdoor Fitness Equipment.


What makes us different

  • Exciting range of Outdoor Gym equipment built to last

  • Careful landscaping of the Outdoor Fitness area to provide Privacy, Anti-Pollution planting and to create a beautiful Natural feeling to the area

  • Timber shelters and large overhead rooves, to provide All-Year Fitness Usage

  • Fencing and handcrafted seating

  • Outdoor Leisure items such as large brick built Barbeques and stunning Pizza ovens

  • Tree, Shrubs and plants are used extensively to soften and beautify the landscape
  • Rooves and Shelters are availalble
  • Fun Items such as Barbeques and Pizza Ovens
  • Fencing and hand-crafted additional seating


We are renowned for our creative and innovative solutions for outdoor spaces. We have a team of highly skilled builders and master craftsman waiting for your call! We have a fantastic range of outdoor fitness equipment for your London installation designed uniquely for children, older people, disabled persons, special educational needs.


We provide fully inclusive outdoor gyms that everybody can use. Our huge range of London outdoor fitness equipment offers a variety of physical benefits, from cardio and muscular strength building to flexibility and toning. All of our outdoor exercise equipment is made to the highest safety standards, durable, easy to use and affordable with a long warranty for extra peace of mind.


We have installed hundreds of outdoor gyms, play areas and trim trails across London and the UK into parks, schools, hospitals, hotels, councils, and prisons you can be confident that we'll provide a solution that's tailored exactly for your needs.


Our large Polycarbonate rooves have proved absolutely invaluable to all our London Schools, London Colleges and London Universities; these amazing rooves allow pupils and students, to exercise all year long, whatever the weather.


For many years, we have been London’s leading Landscape and Playground Company, for the design, supply and installation of Natural Play and Fitness area (


We are now able to offer our Natural style of London Schools, Colleges and Universities, our quite unique style of Natural Outdoor Fitness and Exercise Areas.

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Reasonably priced, cost effective, outdoor gym equipment solutions suitable for schools and business throughout London - Make tjhe dream a reality and call us today for a free, no obligation quote

Gym Equipment

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Trim Trails

Value Added

A range of mouth watering features to add value and beauty to your London outdoor gym installation - barbeques, exotic trees and shrubs, hand crafted seating, shelters and much more!

Value Added

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Our Clients

Schools, Colleges, Universities, Leisure Centres and Hotels, Care Homes, Housing Associations, Councils, Landscape Architects and Corporate Businesses and sometimes. the occasional celeb!


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We have been in business for quite some time. Now under the wise leadership of Robert Fairley MD, the group of companies are going from strength to strength

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