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Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Outdoor fitness equipment for colleges & universities provides free exercise opportunities for students all over the UK.

Students in all Higher Education facilities lead a very sedentary lifestyle between lectures, seminars, library research and their course studies.

Their previous healthy daily diet soon “goes out the window” whilst they hurriedly eat “snack foods”, “fast foods” and the staple student meal of “pizza and a beer”.Students know that if they are not careful, they will soon put on weight, which in turn, will lead to tiredness and their inability to concentrate on their work (as well as the onslaught of future illnesses, such as Diabetes).

In all Colleges and Universities, there are many Sports Teams which students may join. However, many students may never have previously played rugby, or netball or basketball or any vigorous team game. An Outdoor Gymnasium is probably the best possible recreational activity for all students.

It forces them to go outside, into the fresh air, away from the airless rooms in which they live, or laboratories or lecture rooms, where they study. There are items of equipment, in our Student Outdoor Gymnasiums, which suit students, of all abilities, seeking every possible level of physical activity.

One of the beauties of our Student Outdoor Gyms is that students may go there at any time of day; basically, whenever it suits them (before lectures, in between lectures, after lectures, mid week, weekend or whenever). Daily exercise and the wellbeing feeling which ensues therefrom, is of tantamount importance to all students, who wish to obtain good grades and to proceed with their chosen profession. We have a wide range of Student Outdoor Gym equipment which has been tested to BSEN I6630:2015.

This equipment allows students to conduct a full body cardio workout or to concentrate on strength building. We generally install Single User machines as well as Duo User machines (for those who prefer to workout in pairs).

Of course, for most students, the entire Student Social Scene is “right up there”, amongst their Top Priorities. The entire atmosphere of our Student Outdoor Gyms is a mixture of fun, laughter, physical exercise and the whole student interactive social scene.

Most students are very nervous and very apprehensive when they first enter their place of Higher Education. Suddenly they feel alone. Our Student Outdoor Gyms are renowned as being a real Student Focal point and one of the best places where students may make new friends. We are able to install our Student Outdoor Gyms, either in a large open green space, or in a smaller enclosed quadrangle.

In both cases, we are able to soften the area with our famous choices of Evergreen trees, Flowering Shrubs, Palm trees and All Year Interest Sensory Plants. With resting in between workouts and socialising in mind, we always provide a selection of robust timber bench seats; often we place these under a variety of All Weather shelters.

A further addition to our Outdoor Student Gymnasiums, is our ability to create open sided, free standing roofing, to cover the Exercise Equipment. This is a real “Triple bonus”, as it permits students to participate in their Outdoor Gym, for 12 months, in all weathers.




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