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As we all know, when children enter their teens, they are a nightmare to entertain or to please.

They see themselves as too old (too grown up) to be actively involved with all the Playground Activities and Climbing Frames, which they used daily in KS1 and KS2.

However, there are so many adult activities which they would love to do but they know their inexperience or lack of strength, precludes them from participating in these said activities. For children of this age, they are very self-conscious as they are neither the Infants nor yet complete Seniors or Adults.
Different parts of their bodies suddenly grow faster than other parts.

At this age, it is now more important than ever, for Schools to provide them with Healthy Activity facilities which are within their abilities. The worst possible horror which could happen to any child of this age, would be to attempt any physical activity and to fail in front of others! So where is the balance?

This age group needs regular daily exercise in order to ensure their body weight increases gradually, as their height dictates. They also need daily exercise to assist in their teenage body growing process.

If they become unfit or overweight, this affects their mental wellbeing which in turn affects their ability to handle correctly their schoolwork and their studies. This is the age when so many KS3 and KS4 feel isolated and lonely.

The areas and congregating activities they knew in KS1 and KS2 are no longer available. For so many they feel frustrated and “at a loose end” and lonely. Without any doubt, they all love congregating together outdoors (anything to escape the classroom!!)

However, at this age, health and body looks are now taking over in importance in their lives, from the matters and interests which were their lifeline 2 or 3 years ago. So, if you combine Fresh Air, easy to Use Outdoor Gymnasium Equipment, plenty of places to sit, beautiful trees, shrubs and Timber Shelters, you have the perfect ingredients for happy, healthy socialising teenagers.

The most important item to remember is that we design each School Outdoor Gymnasium, specifically for that School. Our aim is always to provide the children with a beautiful Landscaped Outdoor Gymnasium which instils into them, the desire to be there, to use it, to improve their health and fitness and to be interactive with their peers and to be able to exercise on equipment which matches their levels of ability.



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