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Outdoor Gymnasiums for children

Most small children think that “The Gym” is a rather forbidding and airless indoor area, where they are forced to line up and conduct a series of boring and sometimes difficult, indoor exercises, in front of their whole class.

Many children attend these P.E. classes as they are a compulsory part of the school curriculum. Some of the nimbler children, simply sail through these classes.


However, for many of the children, particularly those who are not athletically minded or who sadly, are overweight, their time spent in their Indoor Gym is almost equivalent to a punishment! It must also be borne in mind, that many Primary School children, live in flats, in sprawling Urban areas, where they have little opportunity to spend time Outdoors.

You can easily imagine their delight, when a team of smiling landscapers arrives at their school, and in the “blink of an eye” creates a beautiful Outdoor Gymnasium, full of exciting exercise machines for them and an array of Trees and Shrubs, Seating, Shelters and lawn areas; possibly even one of our Outdoor Rooves to cover the Exercise Equipment.

The Outdoor Exercise Equipment which we install for KS1 and KS2 is specifically for children under 4 feet 7 inches (140 cm). This equipment presents a “Fun Theme” for the children and has been Safety Tested to BSEN I6630:2015.

Safety for the children is of paramount importance and to this end, all our Children’s Outdoor Gym equipment has rubber Safety Stops, on all the moving parts. “Fun with Exercise” is the main criteria in all our School Outdoor Gyms.

We aim for the children to look forward to their lessons or “free time” in our Outdoor Gyms. For children in KS1 and KS2, our School Outdoor Fitness equipment is not aimed at muscle or upper body building, for which they are too young.

For them, the School Fitness equipment which we install is aimed at improving their general fitness, good health, coordination, balance and to assist those who are overweight, to find “fun ways” to gradually lose weight. Finally, of course, apart from the health giving bonuses to be obtained by the children from our Outdoor Gyms, possibly even a higher benefit, is the social interaction they receive, whilst being outdoors, with class mates, new and old, in a fun and exciting environment.

For children in our Outdoor Gyms, they are not forced to endure PE activities which may be too difficult for them. They may choose their favoured equipment and operate it at whatever pace suits them, in a beautiful outdoor surrounding.


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