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OUTDOOR GYM EQUIPMENT FOR Hotels and Leisure Facilities


Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Hotels, Country Clubs, Leisure Resorts and Caravan Parks

There are many Indoor Gymnasiums all over the UK which are well patronised by persons wishing to stay fit, become fit, lose weight or to remain healthy.


These places may have the most Up To Date and amazing Gym equipment but they do not have the fresh air, which one obtains in an Outdoor Gym.


Most Hotels, Clubs, Leisure Resorts and Caravan Parks have outside areas, which are unused; often these empty areas are large Open Green Spaces. What better idea to use this empty space than to install an Outdoor Gymnasium.


Guests will really appreciate the opportunity to exercise Outdoors, in the Fresh Air; here they will find a variety of Outdoor Gym equipment, most of which they already are accustomed to, from their times spent in an Indoor Gym.


We not only supply and install Adult Gym Equipment but as School Outdoor Gym Specialists, we also supply and install Children’s Outdoor Gym Equipment, for children under 4 feet 7 inches (140 cm).

Thus, space permitting, we are able to install a Children’s Outdoor Gym, next to the adult one.


The classic words from every child, whilst staying on holiday with adults is “I am bored”. Our Children’s Outdoor Gyms are a magnet for children on holiday as they find them very exciting and “Fun places” to play with family and friends.


For children and adults alike, an Outdoor Gymnasium at a Hotel or a Holiday place, will not only be a novel and exciting new idea; it will also be a very Interactive and Sociable place, to make new friends, particularly for children.


In order to create a real Outdoor Gym Utopia, we are also able to add an exciting selection of our Evergreen Trees, Shrubs, Palms and Sensory plants.

Further optional items would be our Outdoor Seats, Timber Shelters and our Traditional Pavilions.


Of course in order to obtain All Year usage, whatever the weather, the “crème de la creme” would be for us to install our Polycarbonate (or Timber) rooves, to cover all the Outdoor Gym Equipment, which could be accessed via a long Covered Walkway.





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