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Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Outdoor gym Equipment for Housing Associations

A common complaint from Housing Association tenants is “there is nothing to do” in the manner of Outdoor Exercise facilities.


Council House tenants, are well catered for, as right the way across the UK, local Councils are constantly building new Outdoor Gyms, in every spare patch of green area, on every Estate. Housing Associations have tenants of all ages and many who are single


For families, elderly and single persons, life can be very lonely in Housing Associations. Our amazing Outdoor Gyms, are a magnet for all tenants; apart from all the excellent health benefits, our carefully landscaped Outdoor Gyms are extremely interactive places, where residents soon become acquainted with each other and new friendships are formed.


For Housing Association Outdoor Gyms, we would normally divide the area into an exciting Children area and an equally exciting Adults area. We supply and fit 2 sizes of amazing Outdoor Gym equipment. One size is for persons up to 140 cm (4 feet 7 inches) and the other size is for persons over 140 cm tall.


We have state of the art Outdoor Exercise equipment for those who wish to exercise alone and we also supply “Duo equipment” for those who wish to exercise in pairs. Our stunning Housing Association Outdoor Gym Equipment encourages residents to become healthy, to stay healthy, to combat obesity and to make new friends in a healthy outdoor environment.




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