Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Outdoor Fitness for Offices and Factories

Our Outdoor Gym equipment is perfectly designed to encourage office and factory staff to exercise regularly, amongst fellow workers.

Many people, working indoors all day, are only able to visit Private Gyms, either before they commence work or at the end of the day, when they finish. Both of these “slots” are simply not convenient for most people, for a myriad of reasons (including the high costs).

People who work indoors are generally in a very sedentary or static position, all day. This leads to them becoming very unfit and in several cases, becoming very overweight.

These problems lead to illnesses and the inability of employees to combat their illnesses; these factors then lead to “time off work” and staff shortages. “Time off work” on a regular scale means a gradual loss of revenue for all employers.

A sensible solution to this situation is for employers to devote an external space for the installation of an Outdoor Gymnasium. This Outdoor Gym space may be any size, shape or form.
It may be in a ground floor area, a basement area, a roof terrace area, a narrow side alleyway or any outside space whatsoever.

One of the main advantages of our Outdoor Gym Designs (and Outdoor Gym Constructions) is that each of our Designs is geared to the requirements and available space, of each new client.
Basically, we tailor our Outdoor Gyms, to fit the space available, of each new client.

We cannot over stress the importance for every Business, Company, Office or Factory to provide Outdoor Activity and Exercise facilities, for their staff and all the persons involved therein.
For Hospitals, Care Homes and Councils with Parks and large Green Spaces, the benefits of our Outdoor Gyms, surrounded by our beautiful plantings, are too numerous to mention.




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