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Our Amazing Design and Installation Team

Our amazing team of Master Craftsmen and Gold and Silver Award Winning brilliant Landscapers, are famous and greatly admired in schools throughout the UK, across Europe, Russia, the Ukraine and as far as Hong Kong.


The incredible skills of our team and their Craftsmanship have over the years, earned them their deserved reputation of “The Best Schools Outdoor Activity Construction Group”.

Most of our outstanding Team of Designers, Builders, Engineers, Installers, Contractors, Constructors and Landscapers, have been with our Company for over 15 years; a few for over 20 years and our newest energetic members for 6 years.


As a well-known Schools Outdoor Fitness Company, we are totally unique; through our vast Horticultural Knowledge, combined with our many years of experience in School Outdoor Activity Projects, we are able to offer a complete Outdoor Gyms landscaped package, to every organisation who do not require a series of Outdoor Fitness items to be simply “dumped in the ground” at the chosen site.



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