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All our equipment is designed for Outdoor usage, in all weathers. It is therefore necessary that regular inspections are carried out on all the equipment and particularly, on the moving parts.
In the case of a claim under the Warranty of our equipment, it is necessary to note down all aspects of inspections and any minor repairs.


Health & Safety

A Risk Assessment should be carried out by the Purchaser of our Equipment to ensure safe usage by the users. Adult supervision may be necessary according to the persons using the Equipment.


All our Equipment carries clear labels advising Instructions for usage, general advice and a guide to the fitness usage levels. The equipment must be used correctly as our Company would accept no liability for incorrect usag

Cleaning & Maintenance

When we install an Outdoor Gym area, we always provide a User Manual and Log book. Our User Manual covers Daily Inspections, Monthly Inspections and Annual Inspections.


The necessity for daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual Inspections depends on the usage of the equipment and the Group for whom it is intended.
For example, if the equipment is only used once or twice daily by Infants or by elderly persons, it would follow that Inspections would not be needed as often as a Public Outdoor Gym, which is in use all day and in the evenings.

Our User Manual also advises on regular cleaning methods, lubricants recommended for all moving parts and any possible minor repairs (such as scratches or chips). We recommend that Quarterly and Annual Inspections only be conducted by an officially Certified Inspector.

With regards to Inspection and Maintenance of our various Ground Surfaces, these are covered in our User Manual.



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