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Robert Fairley MD

About our Director...

We integrate our outdoor gyms into the local surroundings. We are a family business and have been successfully Landscaping, Designing, Constructing and Plant Cultivating since 1642

Robert Fairley MD

Trim Trail Croydon


From £30,000+

The cost depends entirely on the number of items of Outdoor Fitness Equipment to be installed. Also, it depends on the type of Surfacing required (installing the items into an existing Grass area........


Trim Trail East London

The TeaM

Design & Installation Team

Our incredible team and their Craftsmanship have earned them their deserved reputation of “The Best Schools Outdoor Activity Construction Group” - innovation at its best!

The TeAM

Southwark Council Trim Trail


Made to Last!!

All our equipment is designed for Outdoor usage, in all weathers. It is therefore necessary that regular inspections are carried out on all the equipment and particularly, on the moving parts........


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